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Lisa Lotto


LISA Lotto


How to play


Dial *881*3numbers# for example *881*324354#. Rate of the ticket 11 HTG.


Dial *883*3numbers*amount#. for example to play 343 for 5 HTG dial *883*343*5#


LISA is the only licensed Lottery Company in Haiti. Already LISA as a strong partnership with Digicel Haiti with GSM based lottery service in operations.  They have service that enables Digicel customers to have information of the winning lottery numbers and lucky numbers.  Below are the services which allow customer to play for their  chance to win cash.

BOLOTO is a game that combines the Haitian Borlette with a mini lotto. This game not only offers the players the opportunity to win lots of small amounts through the multiple winning combinations, but it also offers the possibility of winning the big progressive jackpot. A small fee is re            quired to play.

LOTTO 3 is a variation of a game that is presently offered in the Haitian Borlette that is called Lotto or 3 chiffres. It is based on the New-York Lottery game draw “Numbers”, which is drawn twice daily.